NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2005 MAPLD International Conference

Abstracts and Presentations (in Alphabetical Order)

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
Washington, D.C.

September 7-9, 2005


Submission 217 (Session D)
"A Study of the Impact of Temperature on FPGA-based TMR Designs"
Amr A. Ahmadain and Karen A. Tomko
University of Cincinnati
Abstract: ahmadain_a.html
Presentation: ahmadain_p.ppt
Paper: ahmadain_paper.doc

Submission 1014 (Session P) and (Session W)
"FT-UNSHADES: A New System for SEU Injection, Analysis and Diagnostics over Post Synthesis Netlist"
M. Aguirre1, J.N. Tombs1, F. Muñoz1, V. Baena1, A. Torralba1, A. Fernández-León2, F. Tortosa-López2
Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Universidad de Sevilla Camino de los Descubrimientos
2Data Systems Division. ESTEC/TOS-ED European Space Agency
Abstract: aguirre_a.html
Presentation: aguirre_p.ppt

Submission 243 (Session P)
"The DARPA Data Transposition Benchmark on a Reconfigurable Computer"
S. Akella1, D. A. Buell1, L. E. Cordova1, and J. Hammes2
1University of South Carolina
2SRC Computers
Abstract: akella_a.pdf
Presentation: akella_p-poster.ppt
Paper: akella_paper.doc

Submission 136 (Session C)
"Demand and Penalty-Based Resource Allocation for Reconfigurable Systems with Runtime Partitioning"
John Ardini
Draper Laboratory
Abstract: ardini_1_a.html
Presentation: ardini_p.ppt
Paper: 136_ardini.doc

Submission 137 (Session P)
"A High-Performance Radix-2 FFT in ANSI C for RTL Generation"
John Ardini
Draper Laboratory
Abstract: ardini_2_a.html
Presentation: ardini_p.ppt
Paper: 137_ardini.doc

Submission 115 (Session P)
 "Using Simulation Techniques to Guarantee Successful Backplane Design"
Shahana Aziz
MEI/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: aziz_a.html
Presentation: aziz_p.ppt
Paper: aziz_paper.doc

Submission 1024 (Session P) and (Session L)
"Design of a ‘Single Event Effect’ Mitigation Technique for Reconfigurable Architectures"
Sajid Baloch1,2, Tughrul Arslan1,2, Adrian Stoica1,3
1University of Edinburgh
2Institute for System Level Integration, The Alba Campus, The Alba Centre
3NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: 1024_baloch_a.pdf
Presentation: baloch_p.ppt,   baloch_bof-l.ppt

Submission 184 (Session F)
"On-Board Encryption in Satellites"
Tanya Vladimirova, Roohi Banu, and Martin Sweeting
Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
Abstract: banu_a.html
Presentation: vladimirova_p.ppt
Paper: 184_vladimirova_p.pdf

Submission 127 (Session P)
"Reconfigurable Computing: Current Status and Potential for Spacecraft Computing Systems"
Rod Barto
NASA Office of Logic Design
Abstract: barto_a.html
Presentation: barto_p.ppt

Submission 170 (Session B) and (Session W)
"Verification of Moderate Complexity IP: Case Study, MIL-STD-1553B Interface"
Rod Barto
NASA Office of Logic Design
Abstract: barto_2_a.html
Presentation: barto_p.ppt,   barto_bof-w.ppt

Submission 118 (Invited History Talk) (Session D)
"Hubble Space Telescope"
Steven Beckwith
Space Telescope Science Institute
Presentation: beckwith_p.ppt

Submission 1021 (Session P)
"Development of a High-Speed Multi-Channel Analog Data Acquisitioning Architecture"
Linda M. Björk
Southwest Research Institute
Abstract: bjork_a.html
Presentation: bjork_p.ppt
Paper: bjork_paper.doc

Submission 113 (Session G)
"The Proposal to Use the Saturn V Launch Vehicle Digital Computer (LVDC) in Apollo's Command and Lunar Excursion Modules" or "How the Big Blue Grinch Stole the Apollo Guidance Computer ... Only They Didn't!"
Hugh Blair-Smith
MIT/Instrumentation Lab
Presentation: blair-smith_p.ppt
Original documents.

Submission 176 (Session P)
"The Continued Evolution of Re-Configurable FPGAs for Military and Space Strategic Applications"
Howard Bogrow
Xilinx, Inc.
Abstract: bogrow_a.html
Presentation: bogrow_p.ppt

Submission 131 (Session P) and (Session J)
"Lessons Learned (the Hard Way): Working FPGA Fails Miserably on System Board"
Dave Brady
Mentor Graphics Corporation
Abstract: brady_a.html
Presentation: brady_p.ppt,  ??? BOF?

Submission 194 (Session P) and (Session L)
"SEU Mitigation in Re-Configurable FPGAs: Picking the Right Tool for the Job"
Brendan Bridgford and Carl Carmichael
Xilinx Inc.
Abstract: bridgford_1_a.html
Presentation: bridgford_p.ppt,   bridgford_bof-l.ppt

Submission 214 (Session P)
"Using Active Module Reconfiguration to Time-Multiplex Embedded Processor Peripherals in Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro Devices"
Brendan Bridgford and Brandon Blodget
Xilinx Inc.
Abstract: bridgford_2_a.html
Presentation: bridgford_p.ppt

Submission 1026 (Session P)
"Spiraling in on Speed-Ups of Genetic Algorithm Solvers for Coupled Non-Linear ODE System Parameterization and DNA Code Word Library Synthesis"
Dan Burns, Kevin May, Dr. Thomas Renz, and Virginia Ross
Abstract: 1026_burns_a.html
Presentation: burns_p.pdf

Submission 114 (Session G)
“NASA’s Electronics Research Center: We Hardly Knew Ye”
Andrew J. Butrica
Historical Consultant
Abstract: butrica_a.html
Presentation: butrica_p.ppt

Submission 201 (Session P) and (Session L)
"Single Event Effects Experimentation and Validation Techniques for SEU Mitigation Methods for Static Latch Based FPGAs"
Carl Carmichael1, Gary Swift2, Jeffrey George3, and Sana Rezgui1
Xilinx, Inc.
3Aerospace Corp.
Abstract: carmichael_a.html
Presentation: carmichael_bof-l.ppt

Submission 1035 (Session G)
"The ST-124"
Paul E. Ceruzzi
National Air & Space Museum
Presentation: 1035_ceruzzi_p.ppt

Submission 190 (Session P)
"Highly-Scalable Reconfigurable Computing"
Roger Chamberlain1, Steven Miller2, Jason White1, and Dan Gall2
Exegy, Inc.
2Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Abstract: chamberlain_a.html
Presentation: chamberlain_p-poster.pdf
Paper: chamberlain_paper.pdf

Submission 199 (Session P)
"High Speed Energy Efficient Architectures for Finite Ridgelet Transform"
Shrutisagar Chandrasekaran and Abbes Amira
Queen’s University
Abstract: chandrasekaran_1_a.pdf
Presentation: chandrasekaran_p.ppt

Submission 200 (Session P)
"FPGA Implementation of Reduced Bit Plane Motion Estimation"
Shrutisagar Chandrasekaran, Abbes Amira, and Faycal Bensaali
Queen’s University
Abstract: chandrasekaran_2_a.html
Presentation: chandrasekaran_p.ppt

Submission 231 (Session P) and (Session J)
"Impact of Negative Bias Temperature Instability on FPGAs"
Yuan Chen, Doug Sheldon, Ramin Roosta, Gary Burke, and Tien Nguyen
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Abstract: chen_a.html
Presentation: chen_p.ppt,   Session J version????

Submission 206 (Session P)
"A Programmable Single Chip Digital Signal Processing Engine"
Paul Chiang and Pius Ng
MathStar, Incorporated
Abstract: chiang_a.html
Presentation: chiang_p.ppt

Submission 1034 (Session P)
"Leveraging Software to Enhance Timing Analysis for Actel RTAX-S Devices"
Johnny Chung
Actel Corporation
Abstract: chung.html
Presentation: chung_p.ppt

Submission 233 (Session P)
"NARC: Network-Attached Reconfigurable Computing for High-performance, Network-based Applications"
C. Conger , I. Troxel, D. Espinosa, V. Aggarwal, and A. George
University of Florida
Abstract: conger_a.html
Presentation: conger_p.ppt

Submission 242 (Session F)
"A Novel High-level Dynamic Hardware-Software Remapping Technique for Mission Critical Reconfigurable Computers"
Luis E. Cordova and Duncan A. Buell
University of South Carolina
Abstract: cordova_a.html
Presentation: cordova_p.ppt

Submission 162 (Session A)
"Development of the Malleable Signal Processor (MSP) for the Roadrunner On-Board Processing Experiment (ROPE) on the Tacsat-2 Spacecraft"
R.L. Coxe1, G.H. Romero
1, A. Pakyari1, S.D. Chang1, G.E. Galica1, J.M. Glynn1, B.D. Green1, M. Leary2, J. Lyke3, and D. Fronterhouse4
Physical Sciences Inc.
2Newgrange Design Inc.
Scientific Simulations Inc.
Abstract: coxe_a.html

Presentation: coxe_p.ppt
Paper: coxe_paper.doc

Submission 212 (Session B)
"Configurable Soft Processor Arrays Using the OpenFire Processor"
Stephen Craven, Cameron Patterson, and Peter Athanas
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Abstract: craven_a.html
Presentation: craven_p.ppt
Paper: craven_p.doc

Submission 138 (Session P) and (Session M)
"High Performance, Radiation Hardened, Ultra Low Power Space Computer Leveraging COTS Microelectronics with SEE Mitigation"
David R. Czajkowski, David J. Strobel, et. al.
Space Micro Inc.
Abstract: czajkowski_1_a.html
Presentation: czajkowski_p.ppt,   czajkowski_bof-m.pdf

Submission 139 (Session P)
"SEFI Mitigation Technique for COTS Microprocessors-Proton Testing Demonstration"
David R. Czajkowski, Manish Pagey, Praveen Samudrala, and David J. Strobel
Space Micro Inc.
Abstract: czajkowski_2_a.html
Presentation: czajkowski_p.ppt

Submission 1025 (Session P)
"Radiation Tolerant and Intelligent Memory for Space"
T. Dargnies1, J. Herath2, T. Ng1, C. Val1, J.F. Goupy1, and J.P. David1
NASA Langley Research Center
Abstract: 1025_dargnies_a.html

Presentation: dargnies_p.ppt

Submission 1031 (Session P)
"Routing for Reliability in Molecular Diode-based Programmable Nanofabrics"
Kushal Datta, Arindam Mukherjee and Arun Ravindran
University of North Carolina
Abstract: datta_a.html
Presentation: datta_p.ppt

Submission 229 (Session C)
"Design and Tradeoff Analysis of JPEG2000 on Hardware-Reconfigurable Systems"
R. DeVille, V. Aggarwal, I. Troxel, and A. George
University of Florida
Abstract: deville_a.html
Presentation: deville_p.ppt

Submission 186 (Session P)
"High-Level Implementation of VSIPL on FPGA-based Reconfigurable Computers"
Malachy Devlin1, Robin Bruce2, and Stephen Marshall3
2Institute of System Level Integration, Alba Centre
3Strathclyde University
Abstract: devlin_a.html
Presentation: devlin_p-poster.ppt
Paper: devlin_paper.doc

Submission 1008 (Session P)
"Implementation of Image Processing Kernels on Reconfigurable Computers: A Comparative Study between SRC and SGI Platforms"
Esam El-Araby1, Mohamed Taher1, Tarek El-Ghazawi1, and Kris Gaj2
The George Washington University
2George Mason University
Abstract: el-araby_a.html
Presentation: el-araby_p.ppt

Submission 239 (Session P)
"New Burn In (BI) Methodology for Testing of Blank and Programmed Actel 0.15 µm RTAX-S FPGAs"
Dan Elftmann, Solomon Wolday, and Minal Sawant
Actel Corporation
Abstract: elftmann_a.html
Presentation: sawant_p.ppt

Submission 175 (Session P) and (Session L)
"The Continuing Impact of Design and Process Hardening on the NSEU Sensitivity of Advanced CMOS PLD Technologies"
Joe Fabula, Austin Lesea, and Ray Matteis
Xilinx, Inc.
Abstract: fabula_a_.html
Presentation: fabula_p.pdf,   fabula_bof-l.ppt

Submission 220 (Session A)
"An FPGA Based Processor for Hubble Space Telescope Autonomous Docking – a Case Study"
Jonathan F. Feifarek and Timothy C. Gallagher
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Abstract: feifarek_a.html
Presentation: feifarek_p.ppt,   feifarek_p_bw.ppt
Paper: feifarek_paper.doc

Submission 182 (Session P)
"The SMCS332SpW / SMCS116SpW SpaceWire Communication Controller ASICs"
S. Fischer1, L. Stopfkuchen1, U. Liebstückel1, P. Rastetter1, L. Tunesi2
EADS Astrium GmbH
Abstract: fischer_a.html
Presentation: stopfkuchen_p.ppt

Submission 133 (Session F)
"Multi-spectral Satellite Image Processing on a Platform FPGA Engine"
M. Fleury, R. P. Self, and A. C. Downton
University of Essex
Abstract: fleury_a.html
Presentation: fleury_p.pdf
Paper: fleury.pdf

Submission 104 (Session P)
"Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) MOSFETs for Radiation Tolerance in Space Environments"
Josh Forgione
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: forgione_a.html
Presentation: forgione_p.ppt,   forgione_p_poster.pdf
Paper: forgione_paper.doc

Submission 117 (Session C)
"Synthesis of False Target Radar Images Using a Reconfigurable Computer"
Douglas J. Fouts, LT Kendrick R. Macklin, and Daniel P. Zulaica
U.S. Naval Postgraduate School
Abstract: fouts_a.pdf
Presentation: 117_fouts_p.ppt

Submission 207 (Session P) and (Session M)
"Integrated Tool Suite for Post Synthesis FPGA Power Consumption Analysis"
Matthew French1, Li Wang1, Tyler Anderson2, Michael Wirthlin2
University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
2Brigham Young University
Abstract: french_a.html
Presentation: french_p.ppt,   french_bof-m.ppt

Submission 163 (Session P)
"Hardware Implementation of 2-D Wavelet Transforms in Viva on the Starbridge Hypercomputer"
Sitanshu Gakkhar
Utah State University
Abstract: gakkhar_a.html
Presentation: gakkhar_p-poster.ppt

Submission 1027 (Session P) and (Session A)
"FPGA design using the LEON3 Fault Tolerant Processor Core"
Jiri Gaisler and Sandi Habinc
Gaisler Research AB
Presentation: gaisler_s.ppt

Submission 1016 (Session P)
"Development and Maintenance of User Libraries for SRC Reconfigurable Computers"
Kris Gaj1, Tarek El-Ghazawi2, Paul Gage3, Dan Poznanovic3, Chang Shu1, Deapesh Misra1, Miaoqing Huang2, Esam El-Araby2, Mohamed Taher2
George Mason University
2The George Washington University
3SRC Computers, Inc.
Abstract: kaj_a.html
Presentation: gaj_p.ppt

Submission 110 (Session P) and (Session S)
"Learning From Disaster"
Jack Ganssle
The Ganssle Group
Abstract: ganssle_a.html
Presentation: ganssle_p.ppt,   ganssle_bof-s.ppt

Submission 129 (Session P) and (Session S)
"Writing Platform Independent Code"
Dan Gardner
Mentor Graphics
Abstract: gardner_1_a.html
Presentation: gardner_p.ppt,   gardner_bof-s.ppt

Submission 145 (Session P) and (Session W)
"Methods to Differentiate Mil/Aero Solutions Using FPGA"
Dan Gardner
Mentor Graphics Corporation
Abstract: gardner_2_a.html
Presentation: gardner_p.ppt,   gardner_bof-w.ppt

Submission 108 (Session F) and (Session G)
"Computer Overload and The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing: An Insider's View"
Jack Garman
Abstract:  garman_a.html
Presentation: garman_p.ppt

Submission 1006 (Session P)
"FPGA/ASIC Cores for Interplanetary Internet Applications"
Yosef Gavriel
George Mason University
Presentation: tirat_p.ppt

Submission 211 (Session P)
"Initial Single-Event Effects Testing and Mitigation in the Xilinx Virtex II-Pro FPGA"
J. George1, S. Rezgui2, G. Swift3, G.Allen3, C. Carmichael2
The Aerospace Corporation
2Xilinx, Inc.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Abstract: george_a.html
Presentation: george_p.pdf

Submission 1015 (Session P)
"Toward Single-Electron Nanonetworks and Architectures"
C. Gerousis and D. Ball
Christopher Newport University
Abstract: gerousis_a.html
Presentation: gerousis_p.ppt

Submission 155 (Session E)
"Radiation-Induced Multi-bit Upsets in Xilinx SRAM-Based FPGAs"
Paul Graham1, Heather Quinn1, Jim Krone1, Michael Caffrey1, Sana Rezgui2 and Carl Carmichael2
Los Alamos National Laboratory
2Xilinx Corporation
Abstract: graham_a.html
Presentation: graham_p.pdf
Paper: quinn_paper.pdf

Submission 178 (Session C)
"Analysis of an FPGA Based Reconfigurable Computer with Sorting Algorithms"
John Harkins, Tarek El-Ghazawi, Esam El-Araby, and Miaoqing Huang
The George Washington University
Abstract: harkins_a.html
Presentation: harkins_p.ppt
Paper: harkins_paper.pdf

Submission 135 (Session P)
"The Scalable Configurable Instrument Processor"
John R. Hayes
Johns Hopkins University / Applied Physics Laboratory
Abstract: hayes_a.html
Presentation: hayes_p.ppt

Submission 247 (Session P) and (Session W)
"Design, Development and Validation Testing of a Versatile PLD Implementable Single-Chip Heterogeneous, Hybrid and Reconfigurable Multiprocessor Architecture"
J. Robert Heath, Sridhar Hegde, Kanchan Bhide, Paul Maxwell, Xiaohui Zhao, and Venugopal Duvvuri
University of Kentucky
Abstract: heath_a.html
Presentation: heath_p.ppt,   heath_bof-w.ppt

Submission 205 (Session E)
"Comparison of the Proton SEU Performance of the Microblaze and the Leon2 Soft Core Processor as implemented on a Xilinx Virtex-II SRAM based FPGA"
Dave M. Hiemstra, Fayez Chayab, and Kristopher Bates
MDA Space Missions
Abstract: hiemstra_a.html
Presentation: hiemstra_p.ppt

Submission 130 (Session P)
"An Architecture for Reconfigurable Computing in Space"
Robert F. Hodson1, Kevin Somervill1, John Williams2, Neil Bergman2, Rob Jones3
2University of Queensland
3ASRC Aerospace
Abstract: hodson_a.html
Presentation: hodson_p.ppt

Submission 193 (Session P) and (Session W)
"Extending FPGA Verification Through The PLI"
Charlie Howard
Southwest Research Institute
Abstract: howard_a.html
Presentation: howard_p.ppt,   howard_bof-w.ppt
Paper: howard_paper.doc

Submission 132 (Session P)
"Filtering of Telemetry Using Entropy"
N. Huber, T. Carozzi, B. Popoola, and P. Gough
Space Science Center, University of Sussex
Abstract: huber_a.html
Presentation: huber_p.ppt
Paper: huber_paper.pdf

Submission 248 (Session P)
"An FPGA Co-Processor for Statistical Pattern Recognition Applications"
Jason C. Isaacs and Simon Y. Foo
Florida A&M University - Florida State University
Abstract: isaacs_1_a.html
Presentation: isaacs_p.ppt

Submission 249 (Session P)
"FPGA-coprocessor Enhanced Ant Colony Systems Data Mining"
Jason C. Isaacs and Simon Y. Foo Florida
Florida A&M University - Florida State University
Abstract: isaacs_2_a.html
Presentation: isaacs_p.ppt

Submission 1005 (Session P)
"Operating Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks in Space"
Abdul-Halim Jallad and Tanya Vladimirova
University of Surrey
Abstract: jallad_a.html
Presentation: jallad_p.ppt

Submission 147 (Session P)
"Design of a Reusable SpaceWire Link Interface for Space Avionics and Instrumentation"
Mark A. Johnson, Buddy Walls, Kristian Persson, Sandra G. Dykes
Southwest Research Institute
Abstract: johnson_a.html
Presentation: johnson_p.ppt
Paper: johnson_paper.doc

Submission 177 (Session P) and (Session W)
"On the Model-centric Design and Development of an FPGA-based Spaceborne Downlink Board"
Rob Jones, Roman Machan, Tahsin Lin, and Ed Leventhal
ASRC Aerospace Corporation
Abstract: jones_a.html
Presentation: jones_p.pptjones_bof-w.ppt

Submission 148 (Session P)
"Reconfigurable Floating Point Co-Processor for Atmel FPSLIC"
Jiri Kadlec
Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Abstract: kadlec_1_a.pdf
Presentation: kadlec_p.ppt
Paper: 148_kadlec_paper.doc

Submission 149 (Session P)
"Floating Point Controller as PicoBlaze Network on Single Spartan 3 FPGA"
Jiri Kadlec1 and Roger Gook2
1Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
2Celoxica Ltd.
Abstract: kadlec_2_a.pdf
Presentation: kadlec_p.ppt
Paper: 149_kadlec_paper.doc

Submission 213 (Session P) and (Session L)
"Partial Evaluation Based Redundancy for Single Event Upset Mitigation in Combinational Circuits"
Sujana Kakarla and Srinivas Katkoori
University of South Florida
Abstract: kakarla_a.doc
Presentation: kakarla_p.ppt,   katkoori_bof-l.ppt

Submission 106 (Session P) and (Session J)
"Summary of FPGA Reliability Testing"
Richard B. Katz
NASA Office of Logic Design

Submission 1020 (Session P)
"On The Hilbert-Huang Transform Theoretical Developments"
Semion Kizhner, Karin Blank, Thomas Flatley, Norden E. Huang, David Patrick and Phyllis Hestnes
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Abstract: kizhner_a.html
Presentation: kizhner_p.ppt
Paper: kizhner_p.doc

Submission 154 (Session F)
"FPGA Development for High Altitude Subsonic Parachute Testing"
James E. Kowalski, Konstantin G. Gromov and Edward H. Konefat
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Abstract: kowalski_a.html
Presentation: kowalski_p.ppt,   kowalski_p_bonus.ppt

Submission 227 (Session P)
"X-ray Shielding Package"
Raymond Kuang, Ravenal Sampan and Lijie Zhao
Actel Corp.
Abstract: kuang_a.doc
Presentation: kuang_p.ppt

Submission 241 (Session B) and (Session W)
"Accessible Formal Verification for Safety-Critical FPGA Design"
John Lach1, Scott Bingham1, Carl Elks1, Travis Lenhart1, Thuy Nguyen2, Patrick Salaun2
University of Virginia
2Electricité de France
Abstract: lach_a.html
Presentation: lach_p.ppt,   lach_bof-w.ppt

Submission 121 (Session P) and (Session S)
"Radiation Tolerant Computer Design"
Anthony Lai
Aitech Defense Systems, Inc
Abstract: lai_a.html
Presentation: lai_p.ppt,   lai_bof-s.ppt

Submission 222 (Session D) and (Session J)
 "Reliability Analysis on the Aeroflex ViaLinkTM FPGA"
Ronald Lake
 Aeroflex Colorado Springs
 Abstract: lake_a.html
Presentation: lake_p.ppt,   lake_bof-j.ppt

Submission 236 (Session P)
"Building Integrated ARINC 429 Interfaces using an FPGA"
Ian Land
Actel Corporation
Abstract: land_1_a.html
Presentation: land_p.ppt

Submission 237 (Session P) and (Session W)
"Verification of Intellectual Property for FPGA Designs"
Ian Land
Actel Corporation
Abstract: land_2_a.html
Presentation: land_p.pptland_bof-w.ppt

Submission 189 (Session B)
"Fixed and Floating Point for VHDL""
Jim Lewis1 and David Bishop2
SynthWorks Design Inc.
2Eastman Kodak
Abstract: lewis_a.html
Presentation: lewis_p.pdf,   lewis_p_bw.pdf

Submission 255 (Session P)
"VHDL-200X: The Future of VHDL"
Jim Lewis
SynthWorks Design Inc.
Abstract: lewis_2_a.html
Presentation: lewis_p.pdf

Submission 203 (Session C)
"FPGA Acceleration of Information Management Services"
Richard W. Linderman1, Mark H. Linderman1, and Chun-Shin Lin2
Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate
2University of Missouri, Columbia
Abstract: linderman_a.html
Presentation: linderman_p.ppt
Paper: linderman_paper.doc

Submission 1022 (Session P)
"A Plug-and-play Concept for Spacecraft"
Jim Lyke1, Don Fronterhouse2, Denise Lanza3, and Tony Byers3
Air Force Research Labs, Kirtland AFB
2Scientific Simulations, Inc.
Abstract: lyke_a.html
Presentation: ????????????????

Submission 185 (Session P) and (Session W)
"A Verified Implementation of a Control System"
Alistair A. McEwan1 and J. C. P. Woodcock2
University of Surrey
2University of York
Abstract: mcewan_a.html
Presentation: bof_mcewan_bof-w.pdf
Paper: 185_mcewan_p.pdf

Submission 140 (Session A)
"On the Use of Reconfigurable Hardware in Sensor System Integration for Airliner Cabin Environment Research"
Sin Ming Loo
FAA Center of Excellence for Airliner Cabin Environment Research
Boise State University
Abstract: loo_a.html
Presentation: loo_p.ppt
Paper: loo_paper.doc,   loo_paper.pdf

Submission 168 (Session P)
"FPGA Design of an Integrated CAN and EDAC Soft Core for Spacecraft Applications"
Antonio Roldao1, Martin Unwin1 and Tanya Vladimirova2
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
2Surrey Space Centre
Abstract: lopes_a.html
Presentation: roldao_p.ppt
Paper: 168_roldao_paper.pdf

Submission 141 (Session P)
"Achieving Ultra High Quality and Reliability in Deep Sub-Micron Technologies using Metal Layer Configurable Platform ASICs"
R. Madge , M. Vilgis, and V. Bhide
LSI Logic Corporation
Abstract: madge_a.html
Presentation: madge_p.ppt

Submission 181 (Session P)
Investigation into Effective SEFI Mitigation for On-Board Data Handling Architectures
Shazia Maqbool and Craig Underwood
Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
Abstract: maqbool_s.doc
Presentation: maqbool_p.ppt

Submission 253 (Session P)
"Microprocessors with FPGAs: An Implementation and Workload Partitioning Study of the DARPA HPCS Integer Sort Benchmark within the SRC-6e Reconfigurable Computer"
E. Allen Michalski and Duncan Buell
University of South Carolina
Abstract: michalski_a.html
Presentation: michalski_p.ppt

Submission 111 (Session G)
"Digital Apollo: Human and Machine on the First Six Lunar Landings"
David A. Mindell
Presentation: mindell_p.ppt

Submission 226 (Session P) and (Session W)
"Using Software Rules to Enhance FPGA Reliability"
Chandru Mirchandani
Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions
Abstract: mirchandani_a.html
Presentation: mirchandani_p.ppt,   mirchandani-bof-w.ppt
Paper: mirchandani_paper.doc

Submission 228 (Session P)
"Design Techniques for Radiation Hardened Phase Locked Loops"
Anantha Nag Nemmani, Martin Vandepas, Kerem Ok, Kartikeya Mayaram, and Un-Ku Moon
Oregon State University
Abstract: nemmani_a.html
Presentation: nemmani_p-poster.ppt
Paper: nemmani_paper.doc

Submission 153 (Session P)
"Emulated Digital CNN-UM Implementation of a 3-dimensional Ocean Model on FPGAs"
Zoltán Nagy and Péter Szolgay
University of Veszprém
Abstract: nagy_a.html
Presentation: nagy_p.ppt

Submission 209 (Session P)
"Supporting Rip-Up and Reroute in an FPGA-Based Multilayer Maze Routing Accelerator"
John A. Nestor, Kavon Nasabzadeh, and Oliver Bowen
Lafayette College
Abstract: nestor_a.html
Presentation: nestor_p.ppt

Submission 208 (Session A)
"Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS)"
Tak-kwong Ng and Jeffrey A. Herath
NASA Langley Research Center
Abstract: ng_a.html
Presentation: ng_p.ppt

Submission 1003 (Session P) and (Session J)
 "Availability Analysis of Xilinx FPGA on Orbit"
Nozomu Nishinaga
 National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
 Abstract: nishinaga_a.html
Presentation: nishinaga_p.ppt

Submission 1023 (Session P)
"Digital Design Obsolescence"
John O’Boyle
QP Semiconductor
Abstract: 1023_oboyle_a.html
Presentation: oboyle_p.ppt

Submission 105 (Session G)
"AGC and Manual Guidance Control of the Saturn V Booster"
Frank O'Brien
Infoage Science/History Learning Center
Abstract: obrien_a.html
Presentation: obrien_p.ppt

Submission 1009 (Session P)
"A FPGA-Based Architecture for In-Flight SAR Motion Compensation in UAVs"
Fernando E. Ortiz1, James P. Durbano1, John R. Humphrey1, Petersen F. Curt1, and Dennis W. Prather2
EM Photonics, Inc.
2University of Delaware
Abstract: ortiz_a.html
Presentation: ortiz_p.ppt

Submission 219 (Session P)
"Design and Timing Closure Techniques for Managing Wide Semiconductor Timing Variations in Space Applications"
Alexander Osovets1 and Michael Cuviello2
1Orbital Sciences Corporation
2Michael Cuviello Muniz Engineering Inc.
Abstract: 219_osovets_a.html
Presentation: osovets_p.ppt

Submission 245 (Session P)
"Reconfigurable Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for Space – Present and Future"
Richard Padovani
Xilinx, Inc.
Abstract: padovani_a.html
Presentation: padovani_p.ppt

Submission 234 (Session P)
"Analysis and Reduction of Soft Delay Errors in CMOS Circuits"
Chris Papachristou, Balkaran S. Gill, Francis and G. Wolff
Case Western Reserve University
Abstract: papachristou_a.html
Presentation: gill_p.ppt

Submission 254 (Session P)
"Reconfigurable and Evolvable Hardware Fabric"
Chris Papachristou and Frank Wolff
Case Western Reserve University
Abstract: papachrisou_2_a.html
Presentation: papachristou_p.ppt
Paper: papachristou_paper.pdf

Submission 146 (Session P) and (Session L)
"Virtex-II Pro PowerPC SEE Characterization Test Methods and Results"
David J. Petrick1, Wesley A. Powell1, Kenda S. Conklin1, Kenneth A. LaBel1 and Dr. James W. Howard2
1NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2Jackson & Tull Chartered Engineers
Abstract: petrick_a.html
Presentation: petrick_p.ppt,   petrick_bof-l.ppt
Paper: petrick_p.doc

Submission 120 (Session P) and (Session J)
"The Impact of Silicon Etch Dislocations on EEPROM Cell Data Retention Reliability"
David Petry
ZMD America
Abstract: petry_a.html
Presentation: petry_p.ppt,   petry_bof-j.ppt
Paper: petry_paper.doc

Submission 161 (Session P)
"FPGA-based Modeling of Spatio-temporal Interactive Systems"
Jonathan D. Phillips, Vignesh Hariharan, and Aravind Dasu
Utah State University
Abstract: phillips_a.html
Presentation: phillips_p-poster.ppt

Submission 167 (Session P)
"Automation Techniques for Fast Implementation of High Performance DSP Algorithms in FPGAs"
John Porcello
L-3 Communications, Inc.
Abstract: porcello_a.html
Presentation: porcello_p.ppt
Paper: porcello_paper.doc

Submission 202 (Session E)
"Improving FPGA Design Robustness with Partial TMR"
Brian Pratt1, D. Eric Johnson1, Michael J. Wirthlin1, Michael Caffrey2, Keith Morgan1,2, and Paul Graham2
1Brigham Young University
2Los Alamos National Labs
Abstract: pratt_a.pdf
Presentation: pratt_p.ppt
Paper: pratt_paper.pdf

Submission 1030 (Session P)
"Flash Memory Device Characterization: Pre and Post Radiation Effects"
L.O. Quarrie1, K.M. Bowden1, A.H. Le1, W.R. Spencer1, S.W. Teare2, S.M. Bracht2, J.L. Meason3,
T. Jesson4, R.L. Brady4, M. Bobowski1
Syndetix Incorporated
2 Electrical Engineering Department, New Mexico Tech
3 Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, New Mexico Tech
4 White Sands Missile Range, DATTS-SVAD
Abstract: quarrie_a.html
Presentation: quarrie_p.pdf

Submission 150 (Session B)
"Scientific Computing in Space Using COTS Processors"
Jeremy Ramos. Roger Sowada, and David Lupia
Abstract: ramos_a.html
Presentation: ramos_p.ppt

Submission 238 (Session E)
"Single Event Effects Mitigation of a Soft Embedded Processor in the Virtex-II FPGAs"
Sana Rezgui
1, Jeffrey George2, Gary Swift3, Kevin Somervill4, and Carl Carmichael1
Xilinx, Inc.
2The Aerospace Corporation
Jet Propulsion Laboratory / Caltech
NASA Langley
Abstract: rezgui_a.html

Presentation: rezgui_p.ppt

Submission 157 (Session F) and (Session W)
"Multi-level Simulation of a Real Time Vibration Monitoring System Component"
Bryan Robertson and DeLisa Wilkerson
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Abstract: robertson_a.html
Presentation: robertson_p.ppt,   robertson_bof-w.ppt

Submission 134 (Session E)
"Radiation Hardened FPGA Technology"
Leonard Rockett1, Dinu Patel1, Steven Danziger1, Balwinder Sujlana1,Les Palkuti2, John McCollum3, J.J. Wang3, Brian Cronquist3, and Frank Hawley3
2Defense Threat Reduction Agency
3Actel Corporation
Abstract: rockett_a.html
Presentation: rockett_p.ppt

Submission 107 (Session A)
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Ralph R. Roe
NASA Engineering and Safety Center
Abstract: 107_roe_a.html
Presentation: roe_p.ppt

Submission 156 (Session P)
"Reducing Energy in FPGA Multipliers Through Glitch Reduction"
Nathaniel Rollins and Michael J. Wirthlin
Brigham Young University
Abstract: 156_rollins_a.pdf
Presentation: rollins_p.ppt

Submission 1004 (Session P) and (Session J)
"Evaluation of Actel FPGA Products by JAXA"
Yasuo Sakaide1, Norio Nemoto2, Kimiharu Kariu1, Masahiko Midorikawa1, Yoshiya Iide1, Masakazu Ichikawa1, Yoshihisa Tsuchiya1, Toshifumi Arimitsu1, Noriko Yamada2, Hiroyuki Shindou2, Satoshi Kuboyama2, Sumio Matsuda2, and Takashi Tamura2
High-Reliability Components Corporation (HIREC)
2Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Abstract: sakaide_a.html
Presentation: sakaide_p.ppt,   sakaide_bof-j.ppt
Paper: sakaide_paper.doc

Submission 101 (Session P)
"Dependency of Oxide Thickness Effect on the Evolution of n-MOSFET Switching Time with Electrical Stress"
C. Salame1, R. Habchi1, A. Khoury1, P. Mialhe2
1CEA-LPSE, Faculty of SciencesII, Lebanese University
Abstract: salame_a.doc
Presentation: salame_p.ppt
Paper: salame_paper.doc

Submission 196 (Session P)
"Altera Stratix Field-Programmable Gate Array EP1S25"
A.B. Sanders1, K.A. LaBel1, C. Poivey2
NASA/Goddard  Space Flight Center
2NASA/Muniz Engineering Inc.
Abstract: sanders_a.html
Presentation: sanders_p.ppt,   sanders_p-poster.jpg

Submission 1017 (Session P)
"Efficient Implementation of a String Matching Algorithm for SRC and Cray Reconfigurable Computers"
Esam El-Araby1, Mohamed Taher1, Tarek El-Ghazawi1, Mohamed Abouellail1, Nandakishore Sastry2, and Kris Gaj2
The George Washington University
2 George Mason University
Abstract: sastry_a.html
Presentation: el-araby_p.ppt

Submission 1032 (Session P)
"RTAX-S Qualification and Reliability Data"
Minal Sawant, Ravi Pragasam, Solomon Wolday, and Ken O’Neill
Actel Corporation
Abstract: ??????
Presentation: sawant_p.ppt

Submission 128 (Session P)
"FPGAs Enable VXS for Software Radio and DSP"
Mario Schiavone
Abstract: schiavone_a.html
Presentation: ???????????

Submission 246 (Session P)
"Layered Fault Management for HW/SW Co-design"
Jason Scott, Sandeep Neema, Dolores Black, and Ted Bapty
Vanderbilt University
Abstract: scott_a.html
Presentation: scott_p.ppt

Submission 144 (Session P)
"A Fault Tolerant High Speed Network for Inter Satellite Links"
Kawsu Sidibeh and Tanya Vladimirova
Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
Abstract: sidibeh_a.html
Presentation: 144_sidibeh_p.pdf

Submission 116 (Session P) and (Session W)
"Reliable SW/HW Co-Design for Wireless Communication System Integrating the Spin Model Checker and Celoxica's DK Suite"
Stefanos Skoulaxinos
Heriot-Watt University
Abstract: skoulaxinos_a.pdf
Presentation: skoulaxinos_p.pptskoulaxinos_poster.ppt,   skoulaxinos_bof_w.ppt

Submission 142 (Session P)
"Development of a Reconfigurable Sensor Network for Intrusion Detection"
Andrzej Sluzek, Palaniappan Annamalai
Nanyang Technological University
Abstract: sluzek_a.html
Presentation: sluzek_p.ppt
Paper: asluzek_paper.doc

Submission 197 (Session P) and (Session M)
"An Ultra Low Power Reconfigurable Task Processor for Space"
Brian Smith1, Greg Alkire1, and Wes Powell2
PicoDyne Inc.
2NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Abstract: smith_a.html
Presentation: smith_p.ppt

Submission 187 (Session C)
"Scientific Computing Beyond CPUs: FPGA Implementations of Common Scientific Kernels"
Melissa C. Smith, Jeffrey S. Vetter, and Sadaf R. Alam
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Abstract: smith_a.html
Presentation: smith_p.ppt
Paper: smith_paper.pdf

Submission 125 (Session P) and (Session L)
"Reconfigurable Processing Module"
Kevin Somervill1, Robert F. Hodson1, John Williams2, Robert Jones3
NASA LaRC, Hampton, VA
2University of Queensland, Brisbane, AU
ASRC Aerospace Corp., Greenbelt, MD
Abstract: somervill_a.html
Presentation: somervill_p.ppt,   somervill_bof-l.ppt

Submission 1002 (Session P)
"Fault Tolerant Memory In Processor - SuperComputer On a Chip"
Niranjan Soundararajan1 and Arrvindh Shriraman2
1Duke University
2University of Rochester
Abstract: soundararajan_a.pdf
Presentation: soundararajan_p.ppt

Submission 216 (Session B)
"Evaluation of Error Detection Strategies for an FPGA-Based Self-Checking Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)"
Varadarajan Srinivasan, Julian Farquharson, William H. Robinson, and Bharat L. Bhuva
Vanderbilt University
Abstract: srinivasan_a.html
Presentation: srinivasan_p.ppt

Submission 158 (Session P)
"Implementing Digital Signal Processing Algorithms in Actel's RT54SX-S Family"
Ken Stevens
University of Colorado, Boulder
Abstract: stevens_a.html
Presentation: stevens_p.ppt

Submission 232 (Session P)
"Re-configurable Electronics Behavior Under Extreme Thermal Environment"
Adrian Stoica, Veronica Lacayo, Ramesham Rajeshuni, Didier Keymeulen, Ricardo Zebulum, Gary Burke, and Taher Daud
Jet Propulsion laboratory California Institute of Technology
Abstract: stoica_a.html
Presentation: stoica_p.pdf
Paper: stoica_paper.pdf

Submission 103 (Session P) and (Session S)
"Dynamic High-Performance Multi-Mode Architectures for AES Encryption"
Eric Swankoski1 and Vijaykrishnan Narayanan2
Naval Research Laboratory
The Pennsylvania State University
Abstract: swankoski_a.html
Presentation: swankoski_p.ppt,   swankoski_bof-s.ppt

Submission 173 (Session P) and (Session L)
"Upset Susceptibility and Design Mitigation of PowerPC405 Processors Embedded in Virtex II-Pro FPGAs"
Gary Swift1, Gregory Allen1, Jeffrey George2, Sana Rezgui3, and Carl Carmichael3, and Fayez Chayab4
2The Aerospace Corporation
3Xilinx Corporation
Abstract: swift_1_a.html
Presentation: swift_p.ppt,   swift_bof-l.ppt

Submission 174 (Session P) and (Session J)
"Antifuse Rupture from Heavy Ions in Actel FPGAs"
Gary Swift
Abstract: swift_2_a.html
Presentation: ??????

Submission 171 (Session C)
"Implementation of Polymorphic Matrix Inversion using Viva"
Arvind Sudarsanam and Dasu Aravind
Utah State University
Abstract: sudarsanam_a.html
Presentation: sudarsanam_p.ppt

Submission 1011 (Session P)
"A High Speed and Efficient Method of Elliptic Curve Encryption Using Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics"
Himanshu Thapliyal and M.B Srinivas
International Institute of Information Technology
Abstract: thapliyal_1_a.html
Presentation: thapliyal_p.ppt
Paper: 1011_thapliyal_paper.pdf

Submission 1012 (Session P)
"A Beginning in the Reversible Logic Synthesis of Sequential Circuits"
Himanshu Thapliyal and M.B Srinivas
International Institute of Information Technology
Abstract: thapliyal_2_a.html
Presentation: thapliyal_p.ppt
Paper: 1012_thapliyal_paper.pdf

Submission 1013 (Session P) and (Session M)
"A Novel Time- Area-Power Efficient Single Precision Floating Point Multiplier"
Himanshu Thapliyal and M.B Srinivas
International Institute of Information Technology
Abstract: thapliyal_3_a.html
Presentation: thapliyal_p.ppt,   thapliyal_bof-m.ppt
Paper: 1013_thapliyal_paper.pdf

Submission 112 (Session G)
"The Saturn Guidance Computer System"
James Tomayko
Carnegie Mellon University
Presentation:  tomayko_p.ppt

Submission 124 (Session G)
"Organizational Communication as Technical Management: Wernher von Braun's Principles and Practices at the Marshall Space Flight Center"
Phillip K.Tompkins
University of Colorado at Boulder
Abstract: tompkins_a.html
Presentation: tompkins_p.ppt
Paper: tompkins_paper.doc

Submission 215 (Session C)
"Survey of C-based Application Mapping Tools for Reconfigurable Computing"
Brian Holland, Mauricio Vacas, Vikas Aggarwal, Ryan DeVille, Ian Troxel, and Alan D. George
University of Florida
Abstract: troxel_a.html
Presentation: holland_p.ppt

Submission 159 (Session P)
"Wavelet “Block Processing” for Reduced Memory Transfers"
William F. Turri1 and Eric J. Balster2
Systran Federal Corp.
2Air Force Research Laboratory/IFTA
Abstract: turri_1_a.html
Presentation: turri_p.ppt

Submission 160 (Session P)
"Image 'Padding' in Limited-Memory FPGA Systems"
William F. Turri1 and Eric J. Balster2
Systran Federal Corp.
2Air Force Research Laboratory/IFTA
Abstract: turri_2_a.html
Presentation: turri_p.ppt

Submission 230 (Session P)
"Characterization of 1.2GHz Phase Locked Loops and Voltage Controlled Oscillators in a Total Dose Radiation Environment"
Martin Vandepas, Kerem Ok, Anantha Nag Nemmani, Merrick Brownlee, Kartikeya Mayaram, Un-Ku Moon
Oregon State University
Abstract: vandepas_a.html
Presentation: vandepas_p.ppt
Paper: vandepas_paper.doc

Submission 204 (Session P) and (Session L)
"Reduced Triple Modular Redundancy for Tolerating SEUs in SRAM-based FPGAs"
Kamakoti Veezhinathan1, Sk. Noor Mahammad1, V. Muralidaran1, Vijaykrishnan Narayanan2, and Vikram Chandrasekhar1
1Indian Institute of Technology
2Pennsylvania State University
Abstract: veezhinathan_a.html
Presentation: kama_p.ppt,   kama_bof-l.ppt
Paper: kama_paper.pdf

Submission 195 (Session P) and (Session M)
"High Performance Low Power Single Chip Reconfigurable Supercomputer for High-end Aerospace Applications"
N. Venkateswaran, M. Arvind, C. Karthik, G. Karthik, V. Vishwanath, and K. Viswanath
Waran Research Foundation
Abstract: venkateswaran_a.html
Presentation: nagarajan_p.ppt,   nagarajan_bof-m.ppt
Paper: nagarajan_paper.pdf

Submission 251 (Session P)
"A Fast FPGA Implementation of a Unique Multi-level Tree-based Image Classifier"
Geoffrey Wall1, Faizal Iqbal1, Xiuwen Liu2, and Simon Foo1
Florida A&M University - Florida State University
2Florida State University
Abstract: wall_2_a.html
Presentation: wall_p.ppt

Submission 240 (Session E)
"Total Ionizing Dose Effect on Programmable Input Configurations"
J.J. Wang, R. Chan, G. Kuganesan, B. Cronquist, and J. McCollum
Actel Corporation
Abstract: wang_a.doc
Presentation: wang_p.ppt

Submission 143 (Session G)
"Get Me Out of Here! The Lunar Module Abort Guidance System"
Julian Webb
University of the West of England
Abstract: webb_a.htm
Presentation: webb_p.ppt -- Simulator

Submission 1001 (Session P)  and (Session S)
"A Linux-based Software Platform for the Reconfigurable Scalable Computing Project"
John A. Williams1, Neil W. Bergmann1, and Robert F. Hodson2
1The University of Queensland
2NASA Langley Research Center
Abstract: williams_a.html
Presentation: williams_p.ppt,   williams_bof-s.ppt

Submission 1028 (Session P) and (Session J)
"Actel A54SX-A and RTSX-SU Reliability Testing Update"
Antony Wilson, Minal Sawant, and Dan Elftmann
Actel Corporation
Abstract: wilson_a.html
Presentation: wilson_p.ppt

Submission 223 (Session P)
"MEMS-based Reconfigurable Manifold Update"
Warren Wilson1, James Lyke1 and Glenn Forman2
Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate
2GE Global Research
Abstract: wilson_a.html
Presentation: wilson_pp.ppt

Submission 179 (Session B)
"Safe and Efficient One-Hot State Machine"
Jason Xin Zheng, Sunant Katanyoutanant, and Martin Le
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Abstract: zheng_a.html
Presentation: zheng_p.ppt


2005 MAPLD International Conference


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