"The SMCS332SpW / SMCS116SpW SpaceWire Communication Controller ASICs"

S. Fischer1, L. Stopfkuchen1, U. Liebstückel1, P. Rastetter1, L. Tunesi2

1EADS Astrium GmbH


The SMCS (Scalable Multi-channel Communication Sub-system) device is a radiation tolerant communication controller designed for space applications. The SMCS332 implements three IEEE-1355 links and the SMCSlite (or SMCS116) implements one link. The actual devices are based on the IEEE-1355 protocol. Since the SpaceWire (SpW) standard is becoming increasingly important and both devices are frequently used communication controllers, new versions of the SMCS332 and of the SMCSlite are developed by EADS Astrium GmbH and Atmel with ESA support. These versions will be fully compliant to the SpaceWire standard and known anomalies of the old devices will be corrected. Apart from other advantages the new SpW Interfaces allow to be hot pluggable, that means that the Master-Slave initialization is obsolete. Furthermore, the SpW time codes can be received and transmitted. The SMCS332SpW is transparent to the currently defined SpW RMAP and the SpW STUP protocol, whereas in the SMCS116SpW the STUP protocol is implemented. Due to this protocol handling the devices are the first SpW ASICS that can work with these protocols. In order to ensure that existing SMCS components can continue to be used, the new versions are pin compatible with the present products apart from a small change due to a new PLL design in the Atmel technology. Both devices will be manufactured in a radiation tolerant ASIC technology from Atmel

In the paper the SMCS devices will be described and the changes to the SMCS-SpW ASICs will be detailed. Furthermore, the implementation of the SpW STUP protocol which was designed for the SMCS116SpW will be explained.


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