"New Burn In (BI) Methodology for Testing of Blank and Programmed Actel 0.15 µm RTAX-S FPGAs"

Dan Elftmann, Solomon Wolday, and Minal Sawant
Actel Corporation


This paper will cover a new approach adopted by Actel to implement the burn in testing of RTAX-S devices using the Incal state of the art burn in test system. Incal provided all of the elements needed for a complete operational system including: Test vector pattern generator which accepts the IEEE 1149.11 SVF (Serial Vector Format) and pattern editor configured to Actel’s requirements for 80MB. Actel worked with Incal to develop a modified driver board for deep JTAG test stimulus to enable node toggle coverage of the advanced RTAX-S feature set to implement the Dynamic Programmed Burn-In (DPBI) and Dynamic Blank Burn-In (DBBI).

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