"The Continued Evolution of Re-Configurable FPGAs for Military and Space Strategic Applications"

Howard Bogrow
Xilinx, Inc.


Present and future aerospace and defense applications continue to demand ever increasing performance, density, and above all flexibility from FPGAs. The Virtex families of re-configurable FPGAs provide the technology to meet these demands. Various members of these families are currently available in both COTs and SMD formats, as well as in radiation tolerant versions. Xilinx is also fully supporting a recently announced software tool that automates the implementation of TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy) into members of these FPGA families for mission critical applications.

Xilinx has received government funding towards the development of a Single Event Immune Re-configurable FPGA (SIRF) with possibly strategic performance. This paper will focus on Xilinx currently available Virtex solutions, while also discussing Xilinx's future development efforts. There will also be some discussion of the various manufacturing flows utilized by Xilinx to address the stringent requirements of current and future space missions, as well as the latest package developments.


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