"Routing for Reliability in Molecular Diode-based Programmable Nanofabrics"

Kushal Datta, Arindam Mukherjee and Arun Ravindran
University of North Carolina



We present an automated design flow for increasing the reliability of placed netlists in programmable nanofabrics based on chemically self-assembled electronic nanotechnology. An integrated topology selection and global routing procedure is presented, which increases the robustness of the underlying programmable nanoelectronics by reducing the required number of potentially defective diodes and switches used for achieving the programmability. An integer programming based optimization approach is proposed, followed by a more practical and scalable simulated annealing implementation. On average, simulated annealing achieves a reduction of 26% in the number of switches and diodes for MCNC benchmarks, when compared to unoptimized designs.


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