"Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS)"

Tak-kwong Ng and Jeffrey A. Herath
NASA Langley Research Center


RTIMS is a radiation tolerant memory module, suitable for both geostationary and low earth orbit missions. The goal is to develop a flight-like module (TRL 6) by 2006. RTIMS provides 2 gigabits of error corrected or 1 gigabits of triple redundant digital memory in a small package utilizing the circuit stacking of heterogeneous components and radiation shielding technologies of 3D-Plus USA. By using reconfigurable FPGA technology RTIMS can also be used as a key element in adaptive / reconfigurable computing applications.

This paper discusses the architecture of RTIMS and the mitigation techniques for the COTS components in the module. The experience of using Xilinx XTMR tool, the lessons learned, and the project status are discussed.


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