"Re-configurable Electronics Behavior Under Extreme Thermal Environment"

Adrian Stoica, Veronica Lacayo, Ramesham Rajeshuni, Didier Keymeulen, Ricardo Zebulum, Gary Burke, and Taher Daud
Jet Propulsion laboratory California Institute of Technology


Future NASA missions for Moon and Mars will require fault tolerant electronics to work under extreme temperature environment. We present experimental results with both re-configurable analog and re-configurable digital devices operating between -193C and +120C. The re-configurable analog devices tested were the JPL-developed Field Programmable Transistor Arrays (FPTA), and the reconfigurable digital device tested was Virtex II Pro - a Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The devices operated successfully within this elongated temperature range. While previous evolvable hardware experiments under extreme temperature environment involved reconfiguration-based recovery of analog FPTA, the interfacing digital electronics that had the reconfiguration algorithms running on them were kept at room temperature. The results point us to combine the analog and digital hardware for operation under an elongated temperature range.


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