"Radiation Tolerant and Intelligent Memory for Space"

T. Dargnies1, J. Herath2, T. Ng1, C. Val1, J.F. Goupy1, and J.P. David1

NASA Langley Research Center


In space applications such as earth observation or scientific missions, data storage requirements are always increasing. Moreover, environmental and radiation stress on electronics in space is very harsh.  3D PLUS, whose assembly process is certified by CNES, ESA and NASA has designed and manufactured for several years many modules (memory based, CPU, converters) for space applications.  In partnership with NASA Langley Research Center, 3D PLUS developed the first high density and fast access time memory module tolerant of space radiation effects. This brand-new module operates like a simple SRAM (Addresses / Data / Control signals).

Radiation requirements of this SRAM-like module are:

To manage TID and SEE radiation effects on electronics, specific hardware and software protections are embedded in order to respect previous requirements.

This module decreases design complexity for space based boards requiring memory with its simple interface and internal radiation tolerance management (shielding, EDAC, over current protections,...). The first prototypes have been manufactured and tested by 3D PLUS in April 2005, first flight parts will be launched in 2006 or 2007.. This module is to be directly connected to a processor or equivalent and considered as a radiation tolerant device."

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