2002 MAPLD International Conference

Kossiakoff Conference Center
The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, Maryland 20723-6099

September 10-12, 2002

Conference Pictures

Invited History Talk: "The Challenger Accident," Allan McDonald, Thiokol

AIAA Invited Talk: "Do You Know What Your Software is Doing Right Now? Accidents and Mishaps Involving Software," Dr. Nancy Leveson, MIT

Invited Talk: "Recovery from the Mars Surveyor '98 Failures: Lessons Learned and Applied," Dr. Ed Euler and Dr. Steve Jolly, Lockheed-Martin

Design Seminars

Panel Session: "Why Is Mars So Hard?"

Technical Sessions

General Pictures

Industrial and Government Exhibits

Military, Aerospace, and PLDs: A CEO's View

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