2002 MAPLD International Conference

Kossiakoff Conference Center
The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, Maryland 20723-6099

September 10-12, 2002

Pictures from Session B

Design 1: Logic Design and Programmable Devices

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Session Chair: Rich Katz - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Session Abstracts, Presentations, and Papers


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B0: History Invited Talk

Allan J. McDonald, ATK Thiokol Propulsion
More photos of the Invited History Talk


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"ESA FPGA Task Force: Lessons Learned"
A. Fernández-León, A. Pouponnot, and S. Habinc

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"Implementation of Gigahertz 1-bit Full Adder on SiGe FPGA"
K. Zhou, Channakeshav, R. Kraft, J. F. McDonald

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"Accelerating Image Processing Pipelines in a Hardware/Software Environment"
Heather Quinn, Miriam Leeser, and Laurie Smith King

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"Low Complexity Method for Detecting Configuration Upset in SRAM Based FPGAs"
Raymond J. Andraka and Jennifer L. Brady

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"Designing For Signal and Power Integrity in FPGA Systems"
Mark Alexander


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