2002 MAPLD International Conference

Kossiakoff Conference Center
The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, Maryland 20723-6099

September 10-12, 2002

Pictures from Session E

Evolvable Hardware and Other Systems and Architectures

Abstracts, Presentations, and Papers

Session Chair
John McHenry - National Security Agency

"Evolution-enabled Reconfigurable Computing Using Field-Programmable Analog Devices"
Adrian Stoica, Xin Guo, Ricardo S. Zebulum, M. I. Ferguson, Didier Keymeulen, and Taher Daud

"Grow Your Own Circuits"
R. Timothy Edwards

"Implementation of Adaptive Digital Controllers on Programmable Logic Devices"
David A. Gwaltney, Kenneth D. King and Keary J. Smith


"A Genetic Representation for Evolutionary Fault Recovery in FPGAs"
Jason D. Lohn and Ronald F. DeMara

"Advanced Integrated Control and Data Systems for Constellation Satellites"
Dr. Michael Hahn, GŁnther Elsner

"A Reconfigurable Instruction Set Microcomputer"
Clay Gloster, Jr., and Esther Dickens

"Embedded Computer System with Soft Core CPU for Space Application"
T.Takahara, Y.Kurahashi, T.Mizuno, H.Saito, N.Tomita

"Adaptive Computing Enables High Performance and Low Power Consumption in Next-Generation Mobile and Wireless Systems"
Paul Master

"A Hardware Debugging Environment for FPGA-Based Systems"
Karen A. Tomko and Faisal Muslehuddin
Paper Withdrawn

"A Configurable Architecture for High-Speed Communication Systems"
Visvanathan Subramanian, Joseph G. Tront, Charles W. Bostian, Scott F. Midkiff

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