2002 MAPLD International Conference

Kossiakoff Conference Center
The Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, Maryland 20723-6099

September 10-12, 2002

Pictures from Session C

Reliability: Devices and The Effects of the Radiation
Abstracts, Presentations, and Papers


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Session Chairs:
Dr. James W. Howard, Jr. - Jackson and Tull Chartered Engineers
Ken LaBel - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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September, 11, Rememberance
Dr. John Sommerer
Director, Research and Technology Development
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

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"Single Event Effects Characterization of the AD8151 Digital Cross Point Switch"
Stephen Buchner, Paul Marshall, Jim Howard, Marty Carts, Robert Reed and Ken LaBel

"Radiation Testing of Two High Speed Communication Networks"
Jim Howard, Steve Buchner, Paul Marshall, Ken LaBel, Hak Kim, Marty Carts, Christina Seidleck, Ron Stattel, Charlie Rogers, and Tim Irwin


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"Single Event effects of 0.15Ám Antifuse FPGA"
J. J. Wang, B. Cronquist, J. McCollum, I. Kleyner, and R. Katz


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"Military, Aerospace, and PLDs: A CEO's View"
John East, President and CEO, Actel Corporation
More Photos of the "CEO's View"


"Reliability of Programmable Input/Output Pins in the Presence of Configuration Upsets"
Michael Wirthlin, Nathan Rollins, Michael Caffrey, and Paul Graham


"Post Programming Burn In (PPBI) for RT54SXS Actel FPGAs"
Dan Elftmann and Minal Sawant


"Where is 'The Weakest Link?' Aeroflex UTMC’S Reliability Analysis For Antifuse FPGA’S"
Ron Lake

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