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ERC32 Home page at ESTEC

ERC32 is a radiation-tolerant SPARC V7 processor developed for space applications. The ERC32 consists of three devices; integer unit (IU), floating-point unit (FPU) and a memory controller (MEC). All three devices are manufactured by Temic/MHS on a 0.8 um CMOS/EPI radiation-tolerant technology. Refer to the online documentation for a more detailed description of ERC32. A single-chip version of the ERC32 (TSC695E) is under development and the first prototypes were manufactured in June 1999. Production level samples are planned to be available in March 2000.

NOTE: Temic/MHS now maintain their own ERC32 web pages which can contain more updated information.

Latest news, November 26, 1999

Version 2.0.7 of the ERC32CCS cross-compiler system has been released and is available on the ESTEC ftp-server. This version fixes some problems in the remote debugger stub (rdbmon), mkprom and Ada95 interrupt handling.  See the free-software page for more details.

Documentation, design information and VHDL models

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ERC32 related products, company addresses and contact persons

Handouts from ERC32 Products Day at ESTEC

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