NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2004 MAPLD Technical Program

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
Washington, D.C.

September 8-10, 2004

Session E: Reconfigurable Computing, Evolvable Hardware, and Security

Friday, September 10, 2004

Olaf Storaasli - NASA Langley Research Center
Session Chairs:
Olaf Storaasli - NASA Langley Research Center
John Harkins - Department of Defense

8:00 am

Submission 195
"Using the Starbridge Systems FPGA-based Hypercomputer for Cancer Research"
Jack R. Collins1, Kent Gilson2 and Jim Yardley2
1 National Cancer Institute/SAIC Frederick
2 Starbridge Systems
Abstract: collins_a.html
Presentation: e195_collins_s.ppt

8:25 am

Submission 161
"Engineering Applications on NASA's FPGA-based Hypercomputer"
Olaf Storaasli, NASA Langley Research Center
Abstract: storaasli_a.pdf
Presentation: e161_storaasli_s.ppt

8:50 am

Submission 169
"Applying a Genetic Algorithm to Reconfigurable Hardware -- a Case Study"
B. Earl Wells1, Clint Patrick2, Luis Trevino2, John Weir2 and Jim Steincamp2
1 University of Alabama in Huntsville
2 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Abstract: wells_a.doc
Presentation: e169_wells_s.ppt
Paper: e169_wells_p.doc

9:15 am

Submission 227
"Design versus Programming in Custom Computing Applications: Experiences Using the Executable Algorithmic State Machine (ASM) Method"
James P. Davis, University of South Carolina
Abstract: davis_a.pdf
Presentation: e227_davis_s.ppt

9:40 am

Submission 220
"Design and Implement DARPAR Integer Sorting Benchmark on the Reconfigurable Computer with High Level Synthesis"
Gang Quan, Allen Michalski, Duncan A. Buell, James P. Davisand, and Sreesa Akella
University of South Carolina
Abstract: quan_a.pdf
Presentation: e220_quan_s.ppt

10:05 am BREAK In The Amphitheater Lobby
10:35 am

Submission 152
"The DARPA Boolean Equation Benchmark on a Reconfigurable Computer"
D. A. Buell and Sreesa Akella and James P. Davis and E. A. Michalski and Gang Quan
University of South Carolina
Abstract: buell_a.pdf,
Presentation: e152_buell_s.ppt

11:00 am

Submission 229
"Wavelet Spectral Dimension Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery on a Reconfigurable Computer"
Tarek El-Ghazawi1, Esam El-Araby1, Abhishek Agarwal1, Jacqueline Le Moigne2, and Kris Gaj3
1 The George Washington University
2 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
3 George Mason University
Abstract: el-ghazawi_a.doc
Presentation: e229_el-ghazawi_s.ppt

11:25 am

Submission 1010:
"Experimental Performance Evaluation for Reconfigurable Computer Systems: The Gram Benchmarks"
Esmail Chitalwals, Tarek El-Ghazawi, Kris Gag, and Nikitas Alexandridis
Abstract: chitalwala_a.doc
Presentation: e1010_chitalwala_s.ppt

11:50 am

Submission 186
"A Software Tool for Designing Fixed-Point Implementations of Computational Data Paths for Embedded and Recon gurable Computational Environments"
David M. Buehler and Gregory W. Donohoe, University of Idaho
Abstract: buehler_a.pdf
Presentation: e186_buehler_s.pdf
Paper: e186_buehler_p.pdf

12:15 am

Submission 197
"CARMA: A Comprehensive Management Framework for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing"
Ian Troxel, Aju M. Jacob, Alan D. George, Raj Subramaniyan, and Matthew A. Radlinski
University of Florida
Abstract: troxel_a.pdf
Presentation: e197_troxel_s.ppt



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