NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

Reference: Logic Devices (and related items)

Delay Lines

Miscellaneous Devices

NEPP - EEE Parts for Space ApplicationsXL

The purpose of this site is to support parts engineers, designers, system assurance managers and project managers in selecting, testing and procurement of EEE parts for use on NASA programs/projects by providing links to parts related documents developed by NASA centers and Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) as listed below.

Along with contact informtion, documents include:

  • EEE- INST-002 (GSFC Parts Document) - Supersedes 311- INST-001, Rev. A. - Updated sections, added derating guidelines and new sections: plastic encapsulated microcircuits, crystals, heaters, and switches.
  • NPSL (NASA Parts Selection List) (NASA Parts Selection List)
  • PPL (GSFC Preferred Parts List)
  • Part Manufacturers - Provides a list of part manufacturers and QPL (Qualified Product Listing) for each part category.
  • QPLD (Qualified Parts Manufacturers Directory)
Index of DSCC Mil Specs & Drawings - DSCC Index of DSCC Mil Specs & Drawings
Electronics Links. Links to various manufacturers (external link).
Honeywell SSEC - Aerospace Products Index Honeywell SSEC
Overview BAE Systems (was Lockheed Martin Federal Systems was Loral was IBM was ...)
Integrated Circuits for Aerospace and Defense Temic
ILC Data Device Corporation:
Leach International Relays ... and an Engineer's Relay Handbook
Austin Semiconductor, Inc. Home Page Austin Semiconductor, Inc.
Intersil Product Locator - Radiation Hardened Devices
National Semiconductor Products Catalog: Military/Aerospace
Inventory Links - JPL Electronic Parts Engineering
Q-Tech Home (Oscillators)


Corning Frequency Control

Tech Notes


Delay Lines (ugly, yeah, but sometimes you just have to go to the dark side).

Technical Notes
Data Delay Devices, Inc.  
Pulse Specialty Components

Space Level Products
Allen Avionics, Inc.  
Rhombus Industries Delay Line Products  

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