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Need help with a technical question?  Can't find the information you need?   Then ask us for help.

Often it is hard to find information or you may find that you are solving a problem that has been solved before.  Responses to your query may result in:

Please provide as much detail as you can about your problem.  For example, for device type, saying "1020", it might confusing used as a generic term.  A better question should should specify the model, A1020B, in a CQ84 package, with the following date and lot codes.  For software related issues, the version number may be critical.

In general, the information we obtain will be added to the www site so that others, facing the same problem, will be able to find a solution quickly.  The database will be sanitized, only providing the technical information, with no identification of project or personnel.  For university student engineers, feel free to ask questions but please, do not expect us to do your homework.

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