NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2006 MAPLD International Conference

Speaker Ideas

SPECIAL ENGINEERING COLLOQUIUM: Join NASA Administrator Dr. Michael Griffin on Monday, September 12, at 3:30 p.m. in the Bldg. 8 Auditorium, as he discusses, "Challenges for a New Generation of Space Engineers," in conjunction with the Schneebaum Award Ceremony. For more information, visit

q&a better than the talk


Invited Speakers and Special Events

  1. Opening Remarks

    1. Mike Griffin

    2. Jack Dailey

  2. Mishap Speaker (Lunch time panel)

    1. Apollo 13 - Sy Liebergot

    2. DART mishap

    3. Genesis mishap

    4. Colin Pillinger

    5. Apollo 1

    6. Gemini VIII

    7. Columbia: Hal Gehman or other CAIB

    8. RTF: Stafford-Covey

    9. Challenger: Allan McDonald or Boisjoly

    10. Naval Safety

    11. Sally  Ride -  ("Terry McEntee-Allred" <>  858-534-5827 contact)

    12. James Oberg
    13. Jerry Linenger $25,000.00 Plus Expenses - Chris Long <>
  3. Invited History Speakers

    1. Fred Haise -- - $10,000  - 703-516-4000, x1208.
    3. Neil Armstrong
    4. James Lovell - - 703-516-4000, x1208.  The date is open and he is available.  $35K.
    5. Charlie Duke, roger likes.  bio: - P.O. Box 310345, New Braunfels, TX 78131, 210-629-1223.
    6. John Aaron, who was one of the Avco Canadians who came down to Houston, roger suggests.
    7. Guenter Wendt, roger recommends.
    8. Buzz Aldrin - - 30.0k to 50.0k
    9. Gene Cernan - - Electrical Engineering from Purdue University -  Chris Long.  $30K + 1st class expenses (air fair, ground trans. ground car, hotel, meals).
    10. Alan Bean - - 10.0k to 15.0k
      $15,000.00 Plus Expenses from Houston - Chris Long <>
    11. Harrison Schmidtt - - 10.0k to 15.0k
    12. Bill Shepherd - 12K
    13. Chris Kraft
    14. Gene Kranz - -- $20K to $30K
    15. Paul Allen
    16. George Abbey
    17. James Cameron
    18. Admiral Gehman
    19. Bob Gilruth
    20. Dennis Jenkins
    21. Steve Jobs
    22. Yang Liwei -- The Chinese Taikonaut that flew 1st manned Shenzou
    23. Murray and Cox
    24. Story Musgrave
    25. Burt Rutan - Spaceship One Pilots
    26. R. Sagdeev
    27. Robert Seamans
    28. Tom Stafford
    29. Charles Yeager
    30. Robert Zubrin
    31. Ken Illif/Mary Shafer
  4. Jack Garman's List of Potential Speakers
    1. Gen. Jack Daley retired Marine General, retired NASA AA, and now head of Air and Space ! I would think a talk on capturing history would be really interesting to folks. NASM bio  marine corps bio
    2. Gene Cernan last man on the moon; he s got lots of talks as I recall but I would think something about the rising and falling and rising interest in Apollo and Apollo history from his vantage point would be cool. - Electrical Engineering from Purdue University -  Chris Long.  $30K + 1st class expenses (air fair, ground trans. ground car, hotel, meals).
    3. Dr. John McManus NASA CTO (different league: young, high ego, but with lead time might get an interesting talk about where NASA s IT infrastructure is going)
    4. Dr. Charles McKay Dean of the School of Science and Technology at the Clear Lake campus of the University of Houston; his forte is software engineering was one of the Ada pioneers and brought one of the first software engineering degrees programs into the mainstream.
    5. Kathy Tamer VP and CIO of USA; perhaps on the ease of working with NASA in spaceflight and where they view the shuttle program heading (as in winding down).
    6. Courtney Stadd former Chief of Staff and White House liaison for NASA; he almost never speaks in public (he s a target of NASAWatch), but he s got some really interesting insights on NASA from the political end.
  5. Session G Speakers
    1. Elwin Ong
    2. Rich Katz
    3. Frank O'Brien (Apollo attitude control)
    4. Apollo TV Camera, Stan Lebar
    5. AP101 -> AP101S -> AP101/FPGA: JSC Guys
    6. Sy Leibergot (Apollo 13)
    7. Jack Garman (STS-1 fail to sync)
    8. R. Sagdeev
    9. George Abbey
    10. Dennis Jenkins
    11. George Seamans
    12. D. Day
    13. Bellcom Guy
    14. Timglegrams
    15. Dr. John Logsdon (policy)
    16. William Burrows, Professor, New York University; Author, This New Ocean: The Story of the First Space Age


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