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NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2006 MAPLD International Conference

NASM IMAX Offerings


The IMAX Theater also seats 485 people


IMAX Films Notes


Kevin W. Notes
  • All IMAX Films

  • Space Station (T. Jones) - 3D?

  • Apollo 13 (F. Haise)

  • Hail Columbia -- a bit dated, but still ok

  • Magnificent Desolation -- as noted previous, this might not be the best match for your audience

  • The Dream is Alive -- early Shuttle in flight

  • Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag -- I saw this at NASM.

  • Into the Deep - beautiful

  • Mission to Mir

  • Solar Max

Kevin Hames' Notes
  • Magnificent Desolation Haven t seen this one yet, and I want to!

  • Blue Planet great Earth views.

  • Dream Is Alive A bit dated, but I try to catch this once a year so I remember why I m in this business.

  • Mission to Mir pretty good, but they use a lot of non-IMAX footage and the quality isn t up to snuff.

  • Haven t seen Destiny in Space or Living Planet.

Al Notes

I think the best ones for MAPLD area (best one first).  Maybe we just want to have a continuous showing of #1?

  1. Magnificent Desolation

  2. Destiny in Space

  3. Mission to Mir

  4. Dream is Alive






“To Fly!”  (1976; 27 min.)

Experience the aerial tour of a lifetime -- from a balloon ascension in the 1800s to a flight into space. You'll roar over the Arizona landscape with the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels, soar with a hang glider off the coast of Hawaii and blast into space with a Saturn rocket. To Fly! is the Museum's first and most popular IMAX® film.

Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (Release date September 21, 2005; 47 minutes)

Only 12 have walked on the moon. You’re next! Exploring the moon was humankind’s most incredible journey. Now through the magic of IMAX® 3D, you can take that giant leap for yourself. Presented and narrated by Tom Hanks, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D will transport you to the lunar surface to walk alongside the 12 extraordinary astronauts who have been there to experience what they saw, heard, felt, thought and did.

Fighter Pilot (2004; 40 min.)

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag follows American F-15 Eagle pilot John Stratton as he trains with some of the world’s best pilots. The movie depicts Stratton’s progression through the challenging and dangerous exercises of Operation Red Flag, the international training program for air forces of allied countries.

“Blue Planet” (1990; 35 min.)

Blue Planet explores the natural and man-made forces that constantly change the delicate environmental balance of our only home.  Watch volcanic forces push new landmasses up from the ocean floor.  Witness the devastation of Earth’s tropical rainforests.  View Hurricane Hugo’s beautiful cloud patterns from space and see the havoc the storm wrought on the ground.

“Destiny in Space”  (1994; 40 min.)

Destiny in Space provides an inspiring look at the challenges future generations will face in exploring the universe.  For the first time on the giant screen, audiences travel outside the space shuttle as it orbits 200 miles above the Earth.  Along the thrilling fly-overs of Mars and Venus, the film focuses on the dramatic partnership of humans and robots working in space. 

“Dream is Alive”  (1985; 36 min.)

Get an insider’s view of America’s space program.  The Dream is Alive gives the viewer an unprecedented window on board the space shuttle.  Shot by 14 NASA astronauts on three shuttle missions in 1984, the film includes footage of launches and landings and an inside look at how the astronauts live in space.  Experience the sensations of weightlessness and the splendor of Earth from 250 miles up.  Share the drama as astronauts capture and repair a crippled satellite in the shuttle’s cargo bay.  Watch history being made as the first American woman walks in space.

“Living Planet” (1974; 30 min.)

This half-hour tour around the world shows some of nature's and man's most awesome works: aerial views of thousands of stampeding wildebeest, a snow-covered mountain range, and the majesty of Chartres Cathedral and the Taj Mahal.

“Mission To Mir”  (1997; 40 min.)

“Mission to Mir” was filmed in space by the astronauts. This giant screen tour of Russia's space station Mir gives viewers a unique look inside the weightless home in space that has been occupied by international teams of scientists since 1986. Blending historical footage with ambitious and breathtaking live action shots, the larger than life film illustrates the personal friendship forged by the former cold war rivals as they begin working together in orbit. In addition, it emphasizes the success of two nations as found by cooperating rather than competing in the race to space.

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