"Actel RTAX4000S Generic Burn-In Test Feature"

Solomon Wolday, Minal Sawant, Dan Elftmann, and Don Kinell
Actel Corporation


This paper will cover a new feature implemented by Actel on its latest and largest 0.15µm product RTAX4000S called the “Generic Burn-In test”.  This Generic Burn-In test feature enables any user to exercise the device during Burn-In independent of the design programmed.  A Burn-In testing mechanism has been built into the RTAX4000S die which allows all programmed nets and their associated antifuses to be exercised thoroughly during Burn-In regardless of user design.  All the building blocks of the RTAX-S such as core logic modules, I/O modules, RAM modules, TX modules, RX modules, and Buffys are all exercised by means of this Burn-In scheme.  Functional operation of each device is monitored as well during the entire duration of the Burn-Bn.

Furthermore, the advantages of having such a “Generic Burn-In Testing” mechanism built-in on chip are:

  1. Design specific test vectors from the user are not required

  2. Generic Burn-In test vector set developed by Actel can be used

  3. Specific Burn-In boards need not to be built to accommodate custom user designs

  4. Programmed parts with multiple designs can be Burned-In simultaneously using the  “Actel Generic Burn-In boards”


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