"Fusion PSC Design Tools"

Venkatesh Narayanan and Jake Chuang
Actel Corporation


Until now, system designers were forced to choose costly and space-consuming discrete analog components with programmable logic or mixed-signal ASIC solutions to implement a typical system. Furthermore, expensive tooling barriers prevented many mainstream engineers from integrating individual components into a single, low cost chip that met all design requirements. In the recent years, there has been a significant push for system integration, integrating discrete components in a typical system in order to reduce the total cost of ownership. Fusion PSC offers an ideal low cost path with true programmability for system designers to rapidly design and develop their complex mixed signal systems. Implementing complex mixed signal system in a traditionally digital FPGA environment poses additional complexity. Design creation in a PSC environment should be as familiar to the designer as the digital design flow environment, even with the addition of mixed signal and flash memory capabilities. We will discuss how Fusion PSC software creates a new era of programmable system design and the various aspects of the design flow, namely


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