"A Fixed Point VHDL Component Library for a High Efficiency Reconfigurable Radio Design Methodology"

Scott D. Hoy1 and Marco A. Figueiredo2

1Honeywell - TSI
2MEI Technologies


Advances in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies enable the implementation of reconfigurable radio systems for both ground and space applications. The development of such systems challenges the current design paradigms and requires more robust design techniques to meet the increased system complexity. Among these techniques is the development of component libraries to reduce design cycle time and to improve design verification, consequently increasing the overall efficiency of the project development process while increasing design success rates and reducing engineering costs.

This paper describes the reconfigurable radio component library developed at the Software Defined Radio Applications Research Center (SARC) at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Microwave and Communications Branch (Code 567). The library is a set of fixed-point VHDL components that link the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) simulation environment with the FPGA design tools, providing a direct synthesis path based on the latest developments of the VHDL tools as proposed by the IEEE VHDL 2006, which allows for the simulation and synthesis of fixed-point math operations while maintaining bit and cycle accuracy. The SARC VHDL Fixed Point Component library does not require the use of the FPGA vendor specific automatic component generators and provide a generic path from high level DSP simulations implemented in Mathworks Simulink to any FPGA device. The access to the component synthesizable source code provides full design verification capability. The paper also describes the SARC application design methodology.


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