"Investigation of Benchmark Suites for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing Platforms"

Melissa C. Smith, Jeffrey S. Vetter, and Sadaf R. Alam
Oak Ridge National Laboratory


As the field of High-performance Reconfigurable Computing (HPRC) grows to include more application areas and users and more diverse systems, the need for a suite of benchmarks for this class of architectures is more evident. The challenge is to develop a benchmark suite that not only provides a basis for a fair comparison but also provides a means to compare platforms with very different architectures, programming tools and methodologies, and purpose. As an initial step, we will investigate the implementation of select scientific benchmark algorithms including those from the NAS Parallel Benchmark Suite on the HPRC platforms available at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  From this study we will assess why the traditional benchmarks do or do not work for HPRC architectures and derive insight into what is needed in a benchmark suite for HPRC platforms.

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