"Actel Fusion Programmable System Chip 0.13 Ám Devices"

Dan Elftmann and Antony Wilson
Actel Corporation


The Actel Fusion family, based on the highly successful ProASIC«3 and ProASIC3E Flash FPGA architecture, has been designed as a high-performance, programmable, mixed-signal platform.  Fusion devices integrate mixed-signal analog, Flash memory, advanced standard Digital I/Os, RTCs, PLLs, RC oscillators and FPGA fabric in a monolithic Programmable System Chip(PSC).   

Fusion FPGAs are capable of measuring temperature, voltage, current and acting as a FET gate drivers to control power delivery.  The main building block is the Analog Quad I/O.  These I/Os consist of three analog inputs and one gate driver.   

Each Analog Quad I/O can be configured in various built-in circuit combinations, such as three pre-scaler circuits, three digital input circuits, a current monitor circuit, or a temperature monitor circuit.  When the current monitor circuit is selected, two adjacent analog inputs measure the voltage drop across a small external sense resistor. Built-in operational amplifiers (op amps) amplify small voltage signals (2 mV sensitivity) for accurate current measurement. One analog input in each quad may be connected to an external temperature monitor diode and achieves detection accuracy of ▒2 ║C with calibration.  The gate driver channel can drive either positive or negative voltages(supports both P and N type FET devices) up to ▒12 V.   Maximum ADC sampling rate is 600 ksps with 8-, 10- or 12-bit resolution. 

The Fusion family is expected to complete qualification in Q4 2006. 

This paper will focus on the Fusion FPGA and its applications. The main topics will include: 

  1. Power sequencing and management
  2. Thermal management
  3. Smart Battery Applications



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