“Simulated Space Radiation Effects of Failures in Memory Cells”

Lindsay O. Quarrie1, Kenneth Bowden1, AnLoc Le1, William Spencer1, Stephen Bracht2, Scott W. Teare2, Mary Ann Bobowski3, and Randolph Brady3

1Syndetix Inc.-METTOP
2New Mexico Tech
White Sands Missile Range-DATTS


This paper discusses scaled simulated space radiation experiments performed at the White Sands Missile Range as part of the Microelectronics Testing and Technology Obsolescence Program, (METTOP) at New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC). Total dose Gamma exposure effects are observed on a split gate cell technology EEPROM device. The data shows that on all device pins most DC electrical parametrics, such as opens, shorts, input and output leakage currents, continue to perform at normal pre-event levels but with significant bitmap, memory cell and functional post event failures.


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