"A Novel Approach to Military Global Positioning System"

Puneet Batura, Abhijai Sood, and Shyam Sundar P
Jaypee Institute of Information Technology


Military Global Positioning System is a module of the military intranet, designed to enable military personnel with appropriate authority and clearance to access high resolution images (satellite images, maps, hybrids etc.) and know their current position (in terms of latitudes and longitudes) on the images by using a hand held remote GPS device. Security is of paramount importance to application due to the ultra-sensitive nature of the information. We have implemented a thin client by using RMI . Secure communication between the client and the web server is established by SSL .To mitigate crypto induced latency ECC(Elliptic Curve Cryptography) is employed. In addition a Bastion Host is used between the remote GPS device and base server which enforces security policy on each incoming and outgoing message. This paper mainly deals with the architecture being employed and the framework to develop such kind of applications.

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