"Letís Get Practical: Reuse Is Recycling"

Tom Dewey and Michael Lee
Mentor Graphics Corporation


As industry pundits advocate design for reuse, where HDL code is fully documented and productized for internal use, few organizations, if any, spend the time and effort necessary for a true design-for-reuse methodology. Given that so few organizations put forth that effort, most engineering teams are forced to seek out existing code, adapting it for use in the next design ó in effect, recycling older code.

Recycling code is not without its pitfalls, as engineering teams struggle with first attempting to comprehend the design topology and functionality, followed by dealing with missing files and poorly written code. What is needed is methodology that allows engineers to effectively reuse or recycle existing code that has not been properly or completely prepared and documented, i.e. a methodology adapted to the real world.

This paper explores how design teams can enable a practical design reuse methodology, allowing design teams to leverage earlier work without the investment in time and infrastructure normally required for true design-for-reuse methodology.


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