"Radiation Hardened FPGA Technology"

Dinu Patel1, Leonard Rockett1, Steven Danziger1, Balwinder Sujlana1,Les Palkuti2, John McCollum3, J.J. Wang3, Brian Cronquist3, Frank Hawley3, Farid Isaq3

2Defense Threat Reduction Agency
3Actel Corporation


High performance, high density radiation hardened Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are in great demand for military and space applications to reduce cost and cycle time.  BAE Systems, in partnership with the DoD community, has implemented radiation hardened 0.15 mm bulk CMOS process technology in a facility located in Manassas, VA to support such needs. This technology is appropriate to serve as a basis for advanced FPGA product. 

 BAE Systems and Actel Corp. have collaborated for over 10 years as suppliers of 0.8 mm anti-fuse based radiation hardened FPGAs. Building on this past experience DTRA is sponsoring efforts to install Actel’s Metal to Metal based AX 250 0.15 mm FPGA in BAE Systems’ process facility so that strategically hardened parts having same form, fit and function as the commercial version, are available for the next generation military and space systems..  

This paper will describe the electrical and radiation data on the radiation hardened FPGA device structures, anti-fuse arrays and the progress of the overall product installation effort, including unique features to the Metal to Metal based AX 250 product.


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