"Design and Implementation of Multifunction SDR Algorithms in FPGAs"

John Porcello
L-3 Communications, Inc.


An important performance metric for an SDR is the number of functions which it can perform simultaneously. Multifunction Software Defined Radio (SDR) Algorithms are specific implementations that maximize resources to perform the most SDR functions simultaneously. This paper discusses design and implementation techniques for multifunction SDR algorithms in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Equations are provided to support multifunction SDR algorithm design.

The paper begins by looking at SDR system level performance requirements and the implications to both the analog and digital side of the SDR design. FPGA implementations of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques are then examined and techniques are identified that support multifunction SDR algorithms. This includes multifunction considerations of traditional DSP components, such as mixers, oscillators, and digital filters. Additionally considered are important multi-rate DSP techniques and multiplexing techniques such as resource sharing. The focus throughout the paper is on creating an end-to-end multifunction SDR algorithm which maximizes simultaneous performance. Finally, the paper provides an example multifunction Software Defined Avionics (SDA) FPGA design to illustrate concepts in the paper.

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