"Performance Evaluation of a Field Programmable
Gate Array Circuit Reconfiguration System"

Jason L. Ives, Rusty O. Baldwin, Barry E. Mullins, and Richard A. Raines

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright Patterson AFB


This research implements a circuit reconfiguration system (CRS) to reconfigure a field programmable gate array (FPGA) in response to a faulty configurable logic block (CLB). It is assumed the location of the fault is known and the CLB is moved according to one of four replacement methods: column left, column right, row up, and row down. Partial reconfiguration of the FPGA is done through the JTAG port to produce the desired logic block movement. The time required to accomplish the reconfiguration is measured for each method in both clear and congested areas of the FPGA. The measured data indicates there is no consistently better replacement method regardless of the circuit congestion or location within the FPGA. Thus, given a specific location in the FPGA, there is no preferred replacement method that will result in the lowest reconfiguration time.



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