"Unified approach for Image Encryption Error Detection & Correction and its Low Power Architecture Implementation"

N.Venkateshwaran Abhishek Gopal N.K.Bharath
WAran Research FoundaTion


 Image encryption and image encoding for error detection and correction are very vital issues to ensure security and reliability during image transmission. Images are characterized by pixels and are often corrupted by noise [1]. Any change in the pixel values during transmission is due to the presence of noise. It is hence necessary to correct the faulty pixels at the receiving end. This paper presents a novel approach unifying  both the encryption , error detection and correction processes. A low power architecture is suggested for implementing this methodology taking into account the sparsity and redundancy   present in the images. 

Matrix algorithm encoding techniques[1]  are employed for unifying both the processes mentioned above. Generally partitioned matrix algorithm encoding techniques are used in a supercomputing environment for error detection and correction in applications execution involving matrix operations[1]. The image matrix is partitioned  into sub-matrices. The  algorithm-level-encoding technique is applied to each of the sub-matrices [1]. A suitable  kernel matrix is randomly chosen and this is  partitioned corresponding to the image matrix sub matrices. For each of the sub matrices belonging to both the image and the kernel   the column check sum and row checksum elements are calculated. Subsequently, the Bose, Ray-Chaudhuri, Hocquenghem coding (BCH) encoding is done to only the  row and column elements of the sub-matrices.It is to be noted that BCH encoding is not applied to all the pixels of the image matrix, there by reducing computation and hence power[2]. Also Randomly Sparse Matrix Multiplier [3] (RSMATMUL).RSMATMUL is employed to further reduce the dynamic power.



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