"High Density Non Volatile Memory for Space"

T. Dargnies, C. Val and J.F. Goupy


In space applications such as earth observation or scientific missions, data storage requirements are always increasing. Moreover, environmental and radiation stress on electronics in space is very harsh. 3D PLUS, whose assembly process is certified by CNES, ESA and NASA has designed and manufactured for several years many modules (memory based, CPU, converters) for space applications.

Non Volatile Nand Flash memories, based on SLC technology and in the near future on MLC technology (SLC = Single Level Cell, MLC = Multiple Level Cell) offer more and more capacity in regards to the dimension of the dies (4 Gb within 160 square mm). Furthermore, COTS memories usually used for operating purposes and data storage such as SRAMs (low capacity) and SDRAMs (high capacity) are becoming obsolete. DDR SDRAMs require high clock frequencies and more power.

3D Plus has now started a complete radiation evaluation of high capacity Nand Flash Memories (1Gb, 2Gb and 4Gb dies).

Based on these devices, 3D Plus is already offering Nand Flash memory modules with a maximum total capacity of 48Gb footprint compatible with a TSOP 1. Even though flash memories are not frequently used on space applications, 3D Plus has already flight heritage on such high capacity memory modules.

Parts are tested versus Total Ionizing Dose, Single Event Latch up, Single Event Upset and Single Event Functional Interrupts and errors calculation will be provided for main orbits.

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