"RADiance Rad Hard Structured ASIC Arrays"

Danny Anthony1, Jim Hobbs1, Tad Allard1, and Michael Sydow2
1Honeywell Inc., Defense and Space Systems
2Lightspeed Semiconductor


Honeywell is using its 150nm rad-hard SOI technology together with Lightspeed Semiconductor’s structured array technology to develop a structured ASIC solution for rad-hard applications. Honeywell’s Standard Cell Library cells embedded in Lightspeed’s proprietary fabric, provides shortened design lead times with rapid timing closure, as well as rapid ASIC fabrication cycles with 5 custom masks per design.  The initial version of the Honeywell RADiance Structured ASIC (S-ASIC) array will contain 2.5M bits of SRAM and 1M bits of Post-Synthesis Logic.  The initial version of the Honeywell S-ASIC will be followed by 2 other arrays, with different mixes of SRAM and Logic.  This brings an affordable approach for users to get radiation hardened capability in current generation technology.  This paper describes the development approach, product features and benefits of the capability. 


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