NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2005 MAPLD International Conference

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
Washington, D.C.

September 7-9, 2005

"An Application Engineer's View"


This segment, "An Application's Engineer's View," was held for the first time in 2003 and a second time in 2004.   In this segment, application engineers will each present their answers to several questions, sent in by our attendees and the Technical Committee, in round robin format.   Please send potential questions in to  The questions so far (preliminary) on the books:

  1. Discuss a simple but common HDL coding error seen in military and aerospace designs.
  2. Provide a case study of how a particular verification technique caught a subtle design error.
  3. What is the most common and subtle application error for memory devices?

Next, like all MAPLD talks, a question and answer period will follow.  These can be follow-up questions to the answers already presented or any new, on-topic question -- over the past two years this has been interesting.

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