NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

2005 MAPLD International Conference

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
Washington, D.C.

September 7-9, 2005

Andrew J. Butrica
Historical Consultant


Dr. Andrew J. Butrica earned a Ph.D. in history of technology and science from Iowa State University in 1986. After spending a year at the Thomas A. Edison Papers Project and a year at the Center for Research in the History of Science and Technology in Paris, he began working as a historical consultant. Butrica has researched and written Out of Thin Air, a history of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., a Fortune-500 firm, and To See the Unseen, a history of planetary radar astronomy, which won the Leopold Prize of the Organization of American Historians, and he edited Beyond the Ionosphere, a history of satellite communications based upon an international conference that he organized. More recently, he was the historian on NASA’s X-33 Program, for which he wrote a book manuscript, Single Stage To Orbit: Politics, Space Technology, and the Quest for Reusable Rocketry, published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2003. Currently, Butrica is a historian on the Defense Acquisition History Project, a multiyear undertaking funded by the Office of Secretary of Defense and the armed services that will result in a five-volume history of defense acquisition from World War II to the present. He is responsible for researching and writing Volume 4, From the Reagan Buildup to the End of the Cold War, 1981-1990.

The National Council on Public History announced Andrew J. Butrica’s Single Stage to Orbit: Politics, Space, Technology, and the Quest for Reusable Rocketry as the 2005 Robinson Prize winner. The Robinson Prize commemorates the legacy of Michael C. Robinson, a public works historian who promoted historical research as a significant part of policy formation. His colleagues established this prize to recognize historical studies that contribute directly to the formation of public policy.



2005 MAPLD International Conference - Session G
"Digital Engineering and Computer Design: A Retrospective and Lessons Learned for Today's Engineers"

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