Atrium Hall

Exhibit Layout for the 2005 MAPLD International Conference

Special Services

Parking Spots

NASA Supplied A/V Checklist

Basic Flow Chart

Wed Aug  31: Exhibits due at NASA
Thu Sep.  1: NASA loads truck
Fri Sep.  2: Morning: ship from NASA --> ITC
Sat Sep.  3:
Sun Sep.  4:
Mon Sep.  5: Labor Day
Tue Sep.  6: Morning: Set up DSL and access points
             Morning:  Atrium Hall, set up tables and electric
             12:00 pm: Haul up exhibits to Atrium Hall
              2:30 pm: Early exhibit setup
              5:00 pm: set up blue walls outside Amphitheater
Wed Sep.  7: Morning: Exhibitors set up final
Thu Sep.  8:
Fri Sep.  9: Afternoon: Break down exhibits, cage
             3:00 pm: Blue Wall Disassembly
Sat Sep. 10:
Sun Sep. 11:
Mon Sep. 12: Morning: ship from ITC --> NASA
             Afternoon: unload truck at NASA, start shipping exhibits
Tue Sep. 13: Ship exhibits out from NASA


Room Capacities

Hemi A 141   Meridian A 15
Hemi B 100 Meridian B 38
    Meridian C 76
Oceanic A 50 Meridian D 36
Oceanic B 62 Meridian E 65
Oceanic A & B 125 Meridian D&E 103
Polaris A 88 Continental A 24
Polaris B 99 Continental B 75
Polaris C 44 Continental C 75
Polaris A&B 198    
Polaris B&C 155    
Polaris A&B&C 264    

Room Utilization

Hemi A
Hemi B
Meridian C X X
Continental B
Avail. 2:30 pm on Thurs on Fri
Meridian A
Atrium Ballroom  
Atrium Hall (Exhibits)  



  • "Blank" not being rented.

  • √ - Book it!!!

  • X - Don't even think about it.


Note: Exhibits setup Wednesday am and teardown Friday pm

Seminar and Workshop Room Assignments

BOF Workshop Assignment   Seminar Assignment
H: Reconfigurable Hemisphere A (141) 1: Design Integrity Hemisphere A (141)
L: Mitigation Hemisphere B (100) 2: Plug 'N Play Meridian D&E (103)
J: Failures Amphitheater 3: Device Failures Hemisphere B (100)
S: Software Meridian C (76) 4: Reconfigurable Meridian C (76)
W: Verification Meridian D&E (103)    
G: Technical History Hemisphere A    

Still have to do this table.