NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

Magellan Radar: Spacecraft


magellan_acoustic_vibe.jpg (180142 bytes) Getting read for acoustic vibration testing

thermal_test.gif (374704 bytes) Thermal testing.

at_ksc.gif (778567 bytes) At KSC

magellan_shuttle_crew.jpg (140641 bytes) The Space Shuttle crew.

deploy_1.gif (653954 bytes) Being deployed from the Space Shuttle

NASA Center: Kennedy Space Center
Image # : 89PC-0469
Date : 4/25/1989

Title: Magellan Preparations

Full Description: The Magellan spacecraft with its attached Inertial Upper Stage booster is in the orbiter Atlantis payload bay prior to closure of the doors at T-3 days to launch from pad 39B. Launch of Magellan and Space Shuttle Mission STS-30 is targeted for Friday, April 28, 1989. The 23 minute launch window opens at 2:24 p.m.

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