NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.


NASA experience has indicated a need for uniform criteria for the design of space vehicles. Accordingly, criteria are being developed in the following areas of technology:

Guidance and Control
Chemical Propulsion

Individual components of this work will be issued as separate monographs as soon as they are completed. This document, Spaceborne Digital Computer Systems, is one such monograph.

A list of all previously issued monographs can be found at the back of this publication.

These monographs serve as guides to NASA design and mission planning. They are used to develop requirements for specific projects and also are cited as the applicable references in mission studies and in contracts for design and development of space vehicle systems.

This monograph was prepared for NASA under the cognizance of the jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. Principal contributors were Mr. William C. Hoffman of Aerospace Systems, Inc., Professor Albert L. Hopkins, Jr. of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Mr. John P. Green, Jr. of Intermetrics, Inc. The program manager was Mr. John Zvara of Aerospace Systems, Inc.

The effort was guided by an advisory panel which was chaired by Professor Hopkins. The following individuals participated in the advisory panel and monograph review activities:

A. A. Avizienis, University of California, Los Angeles
D. 0. Baecbler, Bellcomm, Inc.
T. C. Bartee, Harvard University
J. M. Black, NASA Flight Research Center
J. V. Christensen, NASA Ames Research Center
B. M. Dobrotin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
B. L. Dove, NASA Langley Research Center
B. J. Jansen, UNIVAC, Defense Systems Division
L. R. Manoni, United Aircraft, Hamilton Standard Systems Center
W. J. Patzer, IBM, Federal Systems Division
D. H. Schaeffer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
C. P. Talcott, Raytheon Co., Equipment Division
W. E. VanderVelde, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contributions in the form of design and development practices were also provided by many other engineers of NASA and the aerospace community.

Comments concerning the technical content of this monograph will be welcomed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Office of Advanced Research and Technology (Code RE), Washington, D.C. 20546.

March 1971 FF

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