NASA Office of Logic Design

NASA Office of Logic Design

A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.






1. APDS passive hooks' jettison Explosive Bolt 8    
2. ADS active hooks' jettison Explosive Bolt 8    
3. APDS latches' jettison Explosive Bolt 3    
4. OE-ODE lines backup control Pyrocartridge 11    
5. Service prop. backup pressurization Pyrocartridge 2    
6. Unblocking of pressure unit Pyrocartridge 1    
7. Control Unit of DV Control System Pyrocartridge 11    
8. Sight jettison Pyrocartridge 2    
9. OM-IAM cable path separation Pyrocartridge 8    
10. DV-OM separation Explosive Bolt 6    
11. DV-OM separation Pyrocartridge 6    
12. Feed-through jettison Pyrocartridge 4    
13. DV-IAM separation Pyrocartridge 6    
14. Cover jettison, primary parachute container Pyrocartridge 24    
15. Cover jettison, backup parachute container Pyrocartridge 18    
16. Breathing vent unblocking Pyrocartridge 4    
17. Front Shield separation Pyrocartridge 12    
18. Arming of couch shock obsorbers Pyrocartridge 4    
19. Firing of soft landing engines Pyrocartridge 4    
20. Cooling System line control Pyrocartridge 4    
21. Antenna Control Pyrocartridge 4    

(No pyro devices to open solar panels, antenna and
docking target are listed in the above table)

(APDS = Androgynous Peripheral Docking System)

From "annual report to the nasa administrator by the aerospace safety advisory panel," part I - apollo soyuz test project, section 2 - summary of information developed in the panel's fact-finding activities.  february 1975.

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