A scientific study of the problems of digital engineering for space flight systems,
with a view to their practical solution.

Data Systems for the Space Station and Beyond

John R. Garman
Johnson Space Center

AIAA/ACM/NASA/IEEE Computers in  Aerospace V Conference
A Collection of Technical Papers
Long Beach, California
October 21-23, 1985


This paper addresses the use of data systems within the Space Station Program both as management and engineering tools as well as operational components, flight and ground, of the overall Space Station system and the effects that we can project across the Agency back into Shuttle operations and forward into future development and operational programs.

In sum, this paper discusses the changing nature of software architectures and the growing leverage of software and computers on the success of a major program like the Space Station.  It contrasts the characteristics of the flight and ground support systems for the Space station to those of the Shuttle and prior programs, and pleads the case for an end to unique project support systems and architectures in the name of cost, evolution, and technology transparency.  It examines the JSC strategy toward data systems and the application of that macroarchitecture and approach toward data systems development and utilization on the Space station Program.

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